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    The purpose of this thesis was to develop a mobile application for restaurants. The mobile application is for restaurant customers. Customers can use the application when purchasing something in a restaurant. The customer gets points from purchases which he can use to purchase anything the restaurant wants to offer. The restaurants can decide the value of the points used in the restaurant and each restaurant will have their own bonus point system.

    During the project for this thesis three different implementations were created. Frameworks were changed for various reasons on this project. The first development was done with React Native using Firebase as the backend. After React Native the framework was changed to Xamarin. Forms and Azure Active Directory B2C was used for the backend. In the third project, the backend and frontend development were separated. Another author, Kristian Tuusjärvi, continued the development of the mobile application. This thesis focuses on the development of the backend with ASP.NET Core as the application server with MySQL database.

    The result was a working backend service for the mobile application. The backend service is running on Ubuntu Server 18.04. The client can authenticate and query for required data from the backend.


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  • Применение ASP.NET Core Identity

    Применение ASP.NET Core Identity. В настоящей главе будет показано, как применять систему ASP.NET Core Identity для аутентификации и авторизации пользовательских учетных записей, созданных в предыдущей главе.


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  • Overview of ASP.NET Core MVC

    ASP.NET Core MVC is a rich framework for building web apps and APIs using the Model-View-Controller design pattern.

    The ASP.NET Core MVC framework is a lightweight, open source, highly testable presentation framework optimized for use with ASP.NET Core.

    ASP.NET Core MVC provides a patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns. It gives you full control over markup, supports TDD-friendly development and uses the latest web standards.


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  • Discover Broken Authentication and Session Management Vulnerabilities in ASP.NET Web Application

    Today, web application security is most significant battlefield between victim, attacker and resource of web service. The websites which are written in ASP.NET might contain security vulnerabilities which are not seen to the owner of the website. This paper describes an algorithm that aims in the detection of security vulnerabilities of broken authentication and session management. The suggested algorithm of this paper performs a scanning process for website and web application files. Our scanner tool relies on studying the source code of the application depending on ASP.NET files and the code behind files (C sharp C#). A program written for this purpose is to generate a report that describes most leaks and vulnerabilities types by mentioning the file name, leak description and its location. The aim of the paper is to discover the broken authentication and session management vulnerabilities. The suggested algorithm will help organization and developer to fix the vulnerabilities and improve the overall security.


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  • Practical Cross-Platform Charts and Graphics with ASP.NET Core MVC

    Welcome to Practical Cross-Platform Charts and Graphics with ASP.NET Core MVC. This book will provide all the tools you need to develop cross-platform chart and graphics web applications using C#, ASP.NET Core MVC, JavaScript, and Visual Studio 2017. I hope this book will be useful for .NET programmers and web application developers of all skill levels.

    We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and charts and graphics are some of the most informative pictures. Charts and graphics play an important role in every web application. They make data easier to understand, add interest to websites, and have wide applications in our daily life. The scientific, engineering, mathematics, and financial communities always have a need to present data and results graphically. In recent years, web browsers have become a great platform to create powerful web applications with more features and high performance, which allows us to incorporate the beautiful charts, graphics, and animations easily into web applications.

    APS.NET Core is a new web framework from Microsoft, which is an open source and cloud-optimized web platform for developing modern web applications that can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The platform includes the MVC Core framework, which combines the features of MVC and Web API into a single web-programming framework.


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    Разработка приложения. Сетевой график. Сетевое планирование. Объемно-календарный план. Календарный график. ASP.NET Core 1.0. Java Script.  MVC. DHTMLX.

    Целью данной выпускной квалификационной работы является разработка структур и моделей оперативного управления производством, позволяющих максимально точно визуализировать сетевую модель с использованием диаграммы Ганта.

    В процессе диссертационного исследования реализован алгоритм сетевого производственного планирования с использованием CASE-инструментария, осуществлен переход от абстракций и алгоритмов предметной области, предоставленных аналитиком, к терминам объектно-ориентированной парадигмы; получены модели на языке UML, осуществлена их трансляция на язык С# с поддержкой механизма RTE для непрерывной синхронизации кода и модели.

    Получена библиотека имплементации предметной области, пригодная для использования в других проектах отдела АСУП предприятия. С использованием технологии ASP.NET MVC разработано и развернуто на сервере приложений предприятия экспериментальное web-приложение для построения календарного графика, работающее с массивами отдела АСУП.


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  • Critical Comparison Of PHP And ASP.NET For Web Development

    ASP.NET, Database Interactivity, Dynamic Content, Markup Reusability, Persistence, PHP, Proactive Behaviour, Security, Validation, Web Application.

    This paper critically compares PHP and ASP.NET for development of web application (WA)which was developed as a part of a module’s assessment. These languages have been evaluated for development of WA functional requirements and features. In other words, the main area where the comparison of these languages has been applied is potential requirements of Car Sales Web Application. The paper begins with defining these technologies and comparing fundamental architectural variances. This paper also explore and compare suitability of selected technologies for comparing features involved in imposing restrictions on accessing navigation and functionality, validation and proactive behaviour involved in validating user input from the browser, providing users feedback, overall time consumed in development and associated security issues.


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    Стеганография — способ передачи или хранения информации с учётом сохранения в тайне самого факта такой передачи. Этот термин ввел в 1499 году в Шпонгейме Иоганн Тритемий в своем трактате «Стенография», зашифрованном под магическую книгу. В отличие от криптографии, которая скрывает содержимое тайного сообщения, стеганография скрывает сам факт его существования. Как правило, сообщение будет выглядеть как что-либо иное, например, как изображение, статья, список покупок, письмо или судоку.

    Для реализации данного метода было создано приложение, для разработки которого, в качестве СУБД использовалось MS SQL Server 2014. Основной технологией приложения является ASP .NET МVС версии 5.2. Доступ к базе данных осуществляется с помощью Entity Framework. Для разработки клиентской части применялись технологии Bootstrap 4, НТМL5, jQuery.

    В качестве системы авторизации и аутентификации используется стандартная ASP.NЕТ Identity.


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